New Obsession – Rio

Rio with his favorite trainer Alejandro

Rio much prefers jumping to dressage … with his favorite rider Alejandro on board

It took about two and a half years after my Mo passed, but I found another good boy.

Riverdance — “Rio” — is an Oldenburg gelding imported from Holland.  He spent most of his life in dressage but my trainer Alejandro and I learned that, although he looks and moves like a dressage horse, Rio would much prefer to just be gorgeous, and canter around jumping over things.

Rio reminds me of Mo in many ways — looks-wise, both chestnut and on the large side.  Same goofball-ish, flirtatious and charming personality.

Rio is taller than Mo and more elegantly put-together.  He’s a bit quieter and less auto-pilot than Mo, so he makes me work harder.  Which is good (demands more fitness from me)  and bad (demands more fitness from me).

Rio doesn’t and won’t replace Mo, but I so love and appreciate both of them for their unique gifts as teachers and buddies.  I’m one lucky human.