Mo Obsession (updated)

… I am inspired in my riding by watching my talented horse performing with accomplished riders.

I would like to be this rider when I grow up.  Her name is Abbie.  She is sixteen.

(Music … Orleans  “Dance with Me” …  no copyright infringement intended)

epilogue:    my beautiful boy Mo passed away from natural causes on 29 Oct 2012.   related post 

4 responses to “Mo Obsession (updated)

  1. Carol, I just watched the video with Abby and Mo. I am broken up…. he is SO beautiful…… so beautiful. It is hard for me to put into words how much Mo brought to my life during a time of deep dispare as he was not even my horse. I too loved him as he gave me many, many hours of lessons, fun, love and enjoyment. Mo was the one who taught me how to ride through, to trust him, he was one only horse I have ever shown. He and Abby look so in synch, love the music you put to the video. I cannot speak for you, but now I know what this weekend was about. If I miss Mo, and he was not my horse, you must miss him 1,000x more. Thank you from my heart of hearts for sharing your special Mo with me. He was one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met and will always cherish and honor his memory.

    • Thanks so much Christine — yes it was hard this weekend but i couldn’t imagine a better place for him to be than BRF … i saw him everywhere all weekend and really, he and i are together all of the time anyway …

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