Embracing the During

I love before-and-after weight loss photos.  Even though I suspect that most of the time the Afters are not as much After Actual Weight Loss as they are After the Liberally-Applied Artistic License that Comes with Photoshop.

Me and Mo, competing at an informal dressage show.  I am saluting the judge.  Mo is being a smart-ass.

[I do appreciate some art and I like to do some art myself.  My artist Muse periodically shoves me into one of my scary closets to dig out the dusty, spidery plastic tote box labelled “Art Supplies” which should be labelled “Attempts at Art- When You Need To Come Up With A Gift In A Hurry And You Have No Idea What To Give And Even If You Did You Wouldn’t Shop For It- Supplies.”]

Even though the visual transformations can be remarkable and inspiring, what is invariably missing from the Before-After photo comparisons is the During, which is the most important and for me the most helpful to visualize.    After all, it is in the During that the real meat-and-potatoes of weight loss occurs.   What it looks like at the end is interesting but it doesn’t tell me what it is going to be like along the way.

The polar opposite of instant gratification is inch-pebbling, pushing a line of pebbles toward some sort of finish line, one pebble at a time, with my nose.  And learning to celebrate each pebble making each inch forward to its own finish line worthy of balloons and celebration.

I was going to title this post “Enduring the During.”  But simply enduring it is not going to be enough for me.  I’ll post photos along the way.  No Photoshop, unless it’s to fix a really bad hair day.

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