January review … nothing to brag about

Well, progress it is not.    But if I’m going to spin it, the blender is half-full.  Because for the month of January I had a zero net gain.  And because the blender really is half-full, of margarita.  Or is it margaritas, plural?  Does a blender contain margaritas, or does it contain a single margarita until poured into individual glasses?  Hmmm.  I will get back to you after I consult my Spanish-English dictionary.

And yes, margarita(s) is/are not on the eating plan.  But I am celebrating.  I just finished my taxes and I’m getting a refund.

Back to the Main Topic.  I can see clearly how my physiology is the enemy.  I have been eating well and sticking to the lower carb concept,  in spite of dying to crawl into a big pile of sticky white rice holding up a bigger pile of sweet and sour prawns.  But I think changing the way I eat has just shortened the reins enough to slow down or stop further weight gain.  It’s like putting the brakes on the horse and getting him to halt.  What I want to do is get him to back up — that takes a bit more work.

I have not been as active physically this month as I am normally.  Most of the blame I am transferring to my job, which had some intensity this month due to deadlines and what-not, and which has left me a mere shell of a bloodless zombie by day’s end, and certainly in no mood to do something good for myself like ride my horse or take a walk.

So let’s review the plan and see where things stand:

1. White sugar:  I give myself a B-.  I have not purchased any more (one goal met).  I am using Splenda/sugar combination about 80% of the time.  I have not had any accidental desserts or succumbed to the come-hithering of the cupcakes some thoughtless little person in Pharmacy Customer Service keeps leaving in the break room at work.  But its okay for the Pharmacy Customer Service people to have cupcakes, since they have a  treadmill in their work area that they can use whenever they want.

2.  Breakfast:  I give myself an A+.  I didn’t think I could do it, but I can say honestly that in one short month, I have made breakfast a habit.

3.  Small meals:  C+.  Getting there.  This is harder than I thought it would be.  But just eating breakfast and lunch and one snack during the day is much improvement.

4.  Move more:  Pfffft.  D-.  I moved, somewhat.

So I am going to change nothing except actually do the 30 minutes per day of moderate exercise that I said I was going to do.  Starting tomorrow.  I’m pretty sure.