Step Two – Breakfast

2.  Goal:  Eat breakfast:   This is so not in my wiring, which is ”eat only when hungry.”  Due to my nearly perpetual state of starvation, I am usually nauseous first thing in the morning.   I would rather have nausea with an empty stomach than nausea mixed with food.  I don’t have time to deal with  consequences from the latter when I am trying to get myself and the farm ready for me to go to work.

a.  Do now:    Look around at various eating programs and find breakfast menus that sound like they would be appetizing for lunch or dinner.

b.  Do now:  Change the weekday morning routine so that there is plenty of time to eat breakfast,  way way after I first get up out of bed, but in time to get to work reasonably on time after morning toiletries and farm chores.   This requires more Planning.  And Getting Up Out Of Bed Earlier.  Holy moly, changing the Do Date for this one to Do by Feb 1, 2012.

c.  Do by Jan 15, 2012:  Build the habit of eating breakfast on weekends.   It doesn’t have to be in the morning though, just eat breakfast menu items anytime of the day on Saturday and Sunday so that I can say I am eating breakfast now.

d.  Do by Feb 15, 2012:  Implement eating breakfast menus on all weekday mornings during the time that normal people eat breakfast.

Next, more on the research, contemplation and dreading of various eating plans before heading into Step 3, eat smaller meals …

6 responses to “Step Two – Breakfast

  1. This one was really hard for me too. And I knew that, for me, breakfast needs to be almost all protein. I fry a pound of bacon (man, I love bacon!) on the weekend and then can grab 2 or 3 slices a day and pop them in the microwave for 10 seconds and have instant breakfast. I don’t like eggs much, but I eat them because they’re also quick and easy. An egg fried hard in butter takes less than 5 minutes. Hard boiled eggs are also quick and easy when you make several on the weekend and grab them as needed. I also eat pears packed in water and cottage cheese for breakfast a lot. I can keep those things in the frig at work so I don’t have to do them at home before I leave. String cheese is also a favorite, and apple with swiss cheese, frozen sausage and egg sandwiches (throw away the bread and eat the rest with a fork). Scrambled eggs and ham with onions and mushrooms is another breakfast meal you can make in batches that refrigerates, travels and microwaves well. I eat yogurt once in a while but it has lots of carbs and doesn’t really fill me up so that’s more of a treat than a real meal.

    Sometimes I skip breakfast because I’m so engrossed in what I’m doing. My weight loss slows whenever I let that happen.

    • i am mastering the art of really perfect scrambled eggs and yes, last week i managed breakfast before 10 am 4 out of 5 days …wow. what we can do when we just begin …

      • Thanks! Yours is the first blogroll I’m on. But Thinking 2 Steps Again is more than about just yes/no decisions. It’s about making sure the consequences of all your choices help you advance your goals and create the life you want to live…maximizing intentional consequences.

  2. Good ideas from Laurie. Let me add a couple more: I was breakfast resistant for years. One thing that helped me transition to morning meals was starting with smoothies- home made to avoid the sugar in commercial ones. If you keep frozen fruit and bananas on hand, you can toss those in a blender with milk, yogurt and or juice in infinite variety. You can also add some cinnamon and or ground flax seed for more nutritional punch.

    I also like hard boiled eggs- one of my go to grab and goes was an egg and a can of V8- I could take it with me in the morning and eat it when I got to work, by which time I was a little more receptive to the idea of food.

    But really, breakfast can be anything you like- the idea is just to get a little healthy fuel in the engine…

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