Master Plan, Part Three, Step One – White Sugar

1.  Goal:  Eliminate white sugar:   Without a doubt, I am not up for cold-turkeying this one.   Keeping in mind that the only use I have for white sugar is in coffee,  I opt for a gentle weaning:

a.  Do now:  Stop buying white sugar.  Not so hard, just don’t walk down the sugar/flour/spice aisle in the grocery store anymore.  Which is also not so hard, because I am phobic about grocery shopping and carts and grocery store people,  and I am up for just about anything that reduces the time I spend in the grocery store.  Unless of course the sugar/flour/spice aisle is also the coffee aisle.  Then I’m screwed.  Until I remember that there is a Starbucks somewhere else inside the grocery store, and, mercifully, near an exit.  Phew, close one.

Aside:  Don’t worry about the storehouse of white sugar that I currently have on hand.  I will use it up, somehow.

b.  Do by Jan 20, 2012:  Replace white sugar in coffee with Splenda/Sugar mix.   This is the “Coffee B” in my Weekly Food and Activity Journal …  I discovered Splenda/Sugar recently, along with Splenda/Brown sugar.  It doesn’t have the bitter, chemical-waste taste of other artifical sweeteners and it has the texture of sugar so I can fool myself when I’m shoveling it out of the sugar bowl into the coffee mug.

c.  Do by Feb 1, 2012:  Replace the Splenda/Sugar mix with pure Splenda.  This will be yucky but not as yucky as if I had gone straight from sugar to straight artificial.  If I can without too much more psychosis than I already suffer, I will skip this and go straight to d.

d.  Do by Feb 15, 2012:  Eliminate the Splenda and drink coffee that is not sweetened at all.  This will take an Act of God.  But since I trust that He is on board with the general ideas that excess refined sugar is bad for me, and that a smaller body is good for me, He will come through.


Next up, 2.  Eat breakfast.