A Love of My Life

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His name is Hynote, nicknamed “Mo.”  He is a 13 year gelding, Oldenburg (Australian warmblood/stock horse cross), not too big (16.1 hh), sturdy, sound and sane.  I bought him a little over 3 years ago when I was shopping for a kitchen remodel. He is a veteran show hunter, talented, adjustable, automatic.  He is also […]

No resolutions here

… only resolve.

Having spent most of this life fat and happy, figuratively and literally, and having spent many moments of adulthood thinking about losing weight and getting fit, or mostly just trying to think up exciting and fresh words to express the well-intentioned but elusive goals of “losing weight and getting fit”, because, after all, I am more inclined to write about it than actually do it, I am going to do it.

The problem is not how to do it.  I know how.  Eat wisely and move around.  The problem is turning the know-how into something more like do-now.  One of my favorite sermons to preach to everyone else is “just do it.”  Ok, then.  Here we go.

As you will learn, I am a Project Manager by trade and wiring.  I like making plans, writing them down, and checking off the things in the plan as they get done.  I like spreadsheets and task lists.  I like the pretense of order they give to my life when reality is messy.  But for some reason I have never applied the Principles of Project Management (as they are defined on my planet, anyway) to myself as the project.  This is the change I am going to make.  This is the resolve — start managing my body like I know how to manage my work.

Step One.  Define scope.  More on this later, but suffice for now that the scope of this project is to lose 60 lbs in 2012.

Step Two.   Engage a project sponsor.  I have engaged my beautiful and highly self-disciplined mother Jan, who knows how to manage her fitness and has always done a great job at it.  For some reason, she withheld that section of her gene pool from me, but she did give me left-handedness, good hair, two birthdays (more on that later)  and “bedroom” eyes (as described by my past husband and a few other male friends with whom I may have a shared a bedroom in the olden days when I was more inclined in that direction.  And, naturally, not quite so fat).

Step Three.  Make the Plan.  More on this later too.  I haven’t quite figured this out yet, but I will.

Now I need to go and do The Horse Thing.

Parting thought — my starting weight:  I promised my Project Sponsor/Mom I would report my weight so here it is … 199 today.  There it is, reality.  Embrace the pain, I always say (most often to everyone else).  Although too close to two bills for my liking (ya think?), still about 10 pounds under my top weight ever, thank God.